Exterior Home Check Report

The Exterior Home Checklist
includes a check of the following:

____ Check all doors and windows.

____ Check for storm damage to exterior of home; Foundation, Walls, Doors, Windows, and Roof Top.

____ Check the mailbox and place any mail or packages inside.

____ Pick up and properly dispose of any unwanted newspapers, door hangers, flyers, etc...

____ Check the appearance of any special areas and equipment; such as swimming pool, spa, air conditioning, generator.

____ Check the condition of the yard for surrounding trees and dirt/rock banks to look for any potential danger to your home from any falling trees or dirt/rock slides.

____ Check for any wildlife damage.

____ Check for anything out of the ordinary.

____ Check and perform any other special requests.

Upon completion of all inspections, we will email and/or call you with the inspection results. We will also email photos documenting any unsatisfactory or questionable conditions and discuss these with you. If additional action should be taken to remedy the situation, we will help co-ordinate any required service providers necessary to remedy the condition upon your approval. Additional rates may apply.

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