Interior Home Check Report

The Interior Home Checklist
includes a check of the following:

____ Check the security system.

____ Check all windows.

____ Check for water intrusion from the outside.

____ Check for plumbing leaks.

____ Check for any pest problems (bugs, rodents, etc.).

____ Check indoor temperature; as may be applicable.

____ If the water has not been drained for winterization; as preventative maintenance we will run the washing machine, dishwasher, and garbage disposal once a month, to help prevent seals from drying out. Flush toilets and run faucets for 30 seconds to keep water lines free of sediment and plumbing traps full of water..

____ Check Water Filtration System, if required.

____ Check the electrical panel for tripped breakers.

____ Check for anything out of the ordinary.

____ Check and water plants, if required.

____ Check and perform any other special requests.

Upon completion of all inspections, we will email and/or call you with the inspection results. We will also email photos documenting any unsatisfactory or questionable conditions and discuss these with you. If additional action should be taken to remedy the situation, we will help co-ordinate any required service providers necessary to remedy the condition upon your approval. Additional rates may apply.

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